Micropigmentation is a permanent make up that it is similar to tattoo. The process of applying pigment is performed on men and women who wish to enhance facial features that can be used for eyebrow, lashes and lips. The pigment can lasting longer and do not need to makeup all the time. We have produced various micropigmentation tool, pigment, needles and related products with high quality and efficiency.



Picture of Micropigmentation Machine

  • Digital Device
  • Full Disposable
  • Semi Disposable


Picture of Micropigmentation Needle

  • 2 in 1 Needle
  • Traditional Needle
  • Safety Shell System – Single Point
  • Safety Shell System – Twin Point
  • Safety Shell System –  3 Round Point
  • Safety Shell System –  5 Round Point
  • Safety Shell System –  7 Round Point


Picture of Micropigmentation Accessory

  • Spare Part
  • Practice Material
  • Manual Tool


Picture of Micropigmentation Pigment

  • Nano Pigment
  • Creamy Pigment
  • Vivid Pigment


Picture of Micropigmentation Anesthetic

  • BBA – 12 Quick Numb
  • BBA – 13 Resolvent Gel
  • BBA – 21 Instant Numb
  • BBA – 22 Numfast
  • BBA – 23 Relied Gel

After Care

Picture of Micropigmentation After Care

  • BBA – 15 Repairing Oil
  • BBA – 16 Protective Cream
  • BBA –  17 Healing Oil
  • BBA – 17s Healing Sachet


About Bella

Bella is currently one of the most capable and well established permanent makeup machine manufacturer found in Taiwan. With many years of dedicated experience and commitment to our products and customers, Bella Co., Ltd. has grown rapidly into global market, now Bella Company is now one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of permanent makeup supply. Bell’s product is now sold in different countries worldwide. We not only dramatically demonstrated its company potential in original business approach, but also focused on new market opportunities within the changing global market, through ideals of professionalism, innovation, rigorous research and development as well as the dedication to quality, our team has developed new products to satisfy our customer’s need, we will continue to provide latest information and products to our customers and dedicated to understand and respond to the market needs.


Nature of Business: Manufacturer & Exporter

Export Market: Worldwide

Export Percentage: 80% ~ 85%

Year of Established: Mid-1990’s

Number of Employees: 50

OEM/ODM Service: Available

Products Line:
– Permanent Makeup Machine & Related Accessory
– Eyelash Extension Product
– Eyelash Perm / Wave Product
– Beauty Instrument
– Tattoo Supply