Transfer Foils

As a reputable transfer foil manufacturer, Yeong Shiuann insists on providing customers the excellent quality of foil transfer products. Every manufacturing step of transfer foils will be taken according to international standard to achieve the customers’ expectation of quality. Even though Yeong Shiuann promises to offer customers the foil transfer service at decent price, it is with no compromise in quality. Transfer foils could be used in many materials such as synthetic leather, PU, PVC, genuine leather, paper, and textile. In the market, you could see a lot of finished products such as shoes, bag, wallpaper, and more using the foils transfer technology.

The foil products are widely used in printing industries, packaging industries, textile industries, and so on. Superior quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and good services are the reasons for more and more transfer foil demander turning to Yeong Shiuann.

Products with Transfer Foils

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