If you are building an item that requires DC Electric Motors (such as an electric wheelchair, a golf trolley or even refrigeration units), one of the most reliable and longest lasting types of motors are Brushless DC Electric Motors. But why are Brushless DC Electric Motors (or BLDC’s) so desirable?

First of all, it has very few moving parts, the only thing that moves is the commutator (which is a magnet), as a result there’s very little that can go wrong. Furthermore there’s very little friction, which also increases it’s lifespan, reliably and performance, but crucially also reduces it’s noise, heat production and sparks (so they’re perfectly safe to use around petrol engines, for example).

The engine works by having three (or more, but usually three) electromagnets around the outside of the commutator, held together by a ring. The electromagnets, when switched on, then pull the opposite pole towards it, whilst repelling the similar pole. This then turns the commutator, creating a spinning motion, which is connected to a gearbox or a driveshaft, resulting in power being driven to whatever the motor is used for.

They’re used for a lot, Brushless DC Motors are used for a variety of applications, as well as the ones mentioned at the top, they’re most common usage nowadays is within the IT industry. If you’re reading this on a desktop computer, there’s probably at least 3 near you! (one in the hard drive, one in the CD/DVD drive, and one in the PC cooling fan). That’s the low end usage, whereas the high end users are items such as hybrid cars. All in all, Brushless DC Motors are here to stay!

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